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Pharmacy Evaluation Mock Test

Pharmacy  online Exam #26

This Exam including 50 multiple choice questions from pharma subjects. You must score 60% to pass this test.

The following test questions are intended or designed to be a sample examination, and do not represent an exact model of the Evaluating Examination in terms of difficulty and proportion of topics. However, individually, these questions are intended to be representative, in format and phrasing style, of the types of questions found on the Evaluating Examination. They also illustrate a variety of the subject areas contained in the examination blueprint. Please note that these questions are reviewed and updated periodically.

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Pharmacy Online Exam #26

This Test including 50 multiple Choice questions... Pass percentage is 60%. Click on START button.
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Questions :

1. Cromylin sodium is a drug that is

A. Effective in acute asthmatic attacks

B. A synthetic corticosteroid

C. A histamine antagonist

D. A theophylline derivative

E. A mast cell stabilizer

2. Which one the following statement is true of alteplase?

A. It is derived from bovine tissue

B. It is thrombolytic agent

C. It is derived from porcine tissue

D. It is an anticoagulant

E. It is administered intramuscularly

3. Zidovudine is indicated for the treatment of patients with
>>I. Influenza A virus infection
>>II. Herpes simplex infection
>>III. human immunodefiency virus (HIV) infection

A. I only

B. III only

C. I and II only

D. II and III only

E. All the above

4. Vidarabine is an antiviral agent indicated for the treatment of

A. Rubella

B. Smallpox

C. Influenza

D. Pneumocystis carini pneumonia (PCP)

E. Herpes simplex encephalitis

5. Which of the following hypoglycemic drugs has longest serum half life?

A. Acetohexamide

B. Tolbutamide

C. Glyburide

D. Chlorpropamide

E. All of the above

6. The sulfonylyreas are believed to exert their hypoglycemic effect by

A. Decreasing the desire for sugar consumption

B. Inhibiting breakdown of endogenous insulin

C. Enhancing the effectiveness of the small amounts of insulin that the diabetic can produce

D. Increasing the peripheral utilization of glucose

E. Stimulating the release of insulin from the pancreas

7. A pharmacist receives a pres criription order for indimethacin capsules. He/she should consult with physician if the mediation record indicates that the patient

A. Has gout

B. Has arthritis

C. Has a peptic ulcer

D. Has insomnia

E. Is hypertensive

8. The most useful drug the treatment of diabetes insipidus is

A. Chlorpropamide

B. Glucagon

C. Insulin

D. Glyburide

E. Lypressin

9. Which of the following barbiturates is used as an intravenous anesthetic?

A. Mephobarbital

B. Methohexital sodium

C. Amobarbital

D. Secobarbital sodium

E. Pentobarbital sodium

10. Which of the following is (are) broad- spectrum antifungal agents?
>>I. Griseofulvin.
>>II. Ketoconazole.
>>III. Miconazole

A. I only

B. III only

C. I and II only

D. II and III only

E. All the above